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Multifunction Glass Cutting Machine

Loading, cutting and breaking on the same table -Automatic loading with suck discs -Cutting pressure automatic adjusted according to glass thickness -Cutter head 360 degree rotating -Water proof surface panel, stainless steel side covered, water and deformation resisting -High quality felt, perfect level, anti-static -Self-lubricating guide rail -Air filter for keeping the oil clean -Linear guide rail -Automatic oiling for transmission system -Any shape cut, high cutting speed
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4228 CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Line

Glasino CNC automatic glass cutting line is composed of auto glass loading machine,CNC glass cutting machine and air float glass breaking table,which can realize glass automatic loading,transmission,positioning,optimization,cutting and breaking function.
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Waterjet Cutting Machine

Water jet is kind of using high pressure water cutting machine, belong to the category of could cutting, has the avantage such as compact structure, no sparc and not produce thermal deformation or heat effect. A high pressure water jet cutting machine is a tool used for slicing metal and other materials using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure.
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Semi-automatic Glass Cutting Machine

Glasino semi-automatic double-bridge glass cutting machine is suitable for mass cutting of square and rectangular sheets of glass,for cutting large plate glass into small pieces at one time,the cutting process is completed by hand.
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NC Glass Cutting Machine

Glasino Multi Cutters NC Automatic Glass Cutting machine is for thin glass cutting from 0.4-8mm.It can meet the cutting requirements for different kinds of glass such as architectural glass,cosmetic mirror glass,furniture glass,spell mirror glass,round glass,watch glass,craft glass,etc.
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Multifunction Glass Cutting Machine

Realize glass automatic loading,automatic cutting and breaking function on one table.It can save more space.Advanced mechaincal structure,famous control system and optimization software,greatly improve glass cutting quality and high-usage.There are all kindes of types and customized models for customer special requirements.
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Glasino aim: Design and produce new and practical machines, following the development of the glass and window industry.