​USA edging machine Laminated Glass Machine!!

​USA edging machine Laminated Glass Machine!!!

。There are several methods you can take to harden your device:

1. Use foam padding: Using foam padding to wrap the equipment in the container can effectively reduce the vibration and collision of the equipment during transportation.

2. Use wooden supports: Placing wooden supports around the equipment can provide additional support and protection to prevent the equipment from moving and being damaged during transportation.

3. Use buffering materials: Placing buffering materials, such as rubber mats or air cushions, between the equipment and the container can effectively reduce the impact of collisions and vibrations on the equipment.

4. Use ropes to secure: Use ropes or steel cables to secure the equipment to fixed points inside the container to prevent the equipment from shaking and colliding during transportation.

Through the above methods, the equipment can be effectively reinforced, reducing the risk of collision and damage during transportation, and ensuring that the equipment reaches its destination safely.

Laminated Glass Machine

 Machine Features:

1.Constant temperature heating mode of suction circulating air,balanced linear heating,feating speed,thermal balance,improve product quality and yield.

2.Open the door on both sides,It can work in one-sided,double-station or double-sided,double-deck cycle with high output.

3.Independent intelligent control cabinet,intelligent temperature control prediction program,automatic complection of alarm function,operation is very convenient.

4.Leakage safety devices to ensure presonal safety.




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