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Four Sides Edger Machine Machinery, Glass Seaming, Grinding, Edging Chamfering

1.PLC control, easy operation 2. Recycle water system 3. Glass size automatic identification 4. Glass automatic location 5. SUS304 model top quality stainless water tank 6. 8 servo motor and 8 axis link work system  7.Self-diagnosis function 8. High work efficiency and precision
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Multifunction Glass Cutting Machine

Loading, cutting and breaking on the same table -Automatic loading with suck discs -Cutting pressure automatic adjusted according to glass thickness -Cutter head 360 degree rotating -Water proof surface panel, stainless steel side covered, water and deformation resisting -High quality felt, perfect level, anti-static -Self-lubricating guide rail -Air filter for keeping the oil clean -Linear guide rail -Automatic oiling for transmission system -Any shape cut, high cutting speed
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3200mm 3+1 Axis Aluminium Profile CNC Drilling Milling Machining Center With ATC

1. It is suitable for drilling, milling, tapping, round hole, special-shaped hole and plane carving of aluminum alloy profiles;
2. It Adopts Han's PA CNC system,which makes sure smooth running of machine.
3. Electrical spindle is Italy brand air cooling ATC 9KW spindle, 18000r/min.
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Radiation Flat Convection Furnace

1. Intelligent control system man-machine operation interface
2. The temperature control module is accurate and precise, with high speed and high inhibition rate
3. Furnace door adopts advanced guillotine slide blade design
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4228 CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Line

Glasino CNC automatic glass cutting line is composed of auto glass loading machine,CNC glass cutting machine and air float glass breaking table,which can realize glass automatic loading,transmission,positioning,optimization,cutting and breaking function.
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Automatic Insulating Glass Gas Filling Production Line

Glasino LBG2535 Vertical Insulating glass production line with gas filling function adopts reasonable gas charging method and double gas charging plate press mechanism, the gas charging speed is fast with high utilization rate of argon which guarantee average content of argon in each hollow glass is more than 90%. The corresponding gas charging formula is automatically selected according to glass size.
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Glasino aim: Design and produce new and practical machines, following the development of the glass and window industry.