Insulating Glass Production Machine,Horizontal Glass Washing Machine And 9 Spindle Straight Line Glass Edging and Polishing Machine Delivery To New Zealand

Insulating Glass Production Machine has following features:

1.Automatically distinguish the coating side of coated glass and Low-E glass.

2.PLC control system with touch screen operation.

3.Machine work and fault dynamic display.

4.Outside assembly lines can produce standard double layer IG and three layers lg.\

Horizontal Glass Washing Machine has following features:

1 WT serial horizontal glass washing & drying machine is used for washing and drying flat glass.

2 The machine mainly consists of loading section, washing section drying section and unloading  section

3 Main drive is chain drive and stepless speed regulation.

4 The machine is designed with two-step washing,and equipped with two tanks and high pressure pump.


Glasino aim: Design and produce new and practical machines, following the development of the glass and window industry.