CNC Glass Cutting Line,Horizontal Glass Washing Machine ,Insulating  Glass Production Line Delivery to Canada

CNC Glass Cutting Line is divided into three parts:

 Automatic Inelligent Glass loading machine +CNC Automatic Glass Cutting Machine +Glass Breaking Table Main Function.    

CNC Glass Cutting Line is with Labeling function.

Horizontal Glass Washing Machine has following feactures:
1 WT serial horizontal glass washing & drying machine is used for washing and drying flat glass.
2 The machine mainly consists of loading section, washing section drying section and unloading  section
3 Main drive is chain drive and stepless speed regulation.
4 The machine is designed with two-step washing,and equipped with two tanks and high pressure pump.
Insulating Glass Production Line has following feactures:
1 Automatically distinguish the coating side of coated glass and Low-E glass.
2 PLC control system with touch screen operation.
3 Machine work and fault dynamic display.



Glasino aim: Design and produce new and practical machines, following the development of the glass and window industry.